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Updated: 8/12/20

  • MOVING TARGETS- "Humbucker" LP Preorder available now!
    Yes! Another new album from these Boston punk legends! (Out 9/25)
    Preorder Exclusive Silver vinyl now at: DISTRO
    (Boss Tuneage in UK) Jam two new songs now-

  • ON THE MIGHT PRINCES- "Where You Are And Where You Want To Be" LP 2nd press on 180-gram vinyl is available now at: DISTRO(50 Clear Smoke, 100 Pink, 150 Black) You can also Preorder an official OTMOP SHIRT! We've reprinted a vintage album-era design on fair-trade shirts! (*Clear Smoke Sold out, Pink still available!)
    New releases available from: SST Records, Lookout!, Asian Man, Alternative Tentacles, It's Alive & so many more! HUNDREDS of sick titles! NEW STUFF ADDED WEEKLY!
  • MOVING TARGETS- "Wires" LP is Out Now! Seminal Boston garage/punk bands' first studio album in 25 years! (Digital available everywhere) Limited Yellow vinyl still available!

  • Check out the On The Might Of Princes video for "Hell or High Water" at BrooklynVegan
    Rough Chicago pop punk feat. members of Canadian Rifle & Fuck You, Idiot! And they fucking rule. Cassette Tape & digital download available now.
  • FLESHIES / SHELLSHAG- Split 7" EP Out Now!
    SHELLSHAG video on BrooklynVegan (Limited PINK vinyl still available but not long!)
  • THE GLOBS- "The Weird & Wonderful World Of" LP Out Now!
    12 tracks of Sacramento punk rock & roll from members of The Bananas & Charles Albright. (co-release with Sacramento Recrds + Recess Records)
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  • DEAD BROKE REKERDS "Year Of The Pig" 2019 pay-what-you-want Sampler!
    Jam songs from our releases last year & grab a sick 6-color DBR Piggy shirt!

NEW RELEASES Available Now from Dead Broke:

We are honored to present Moving Targets’ first studio album in over 25 years, “Wires”, finally available now in North America! Following a European release on UK greats Boss Tuneage Records last year, we now present the targets' latest album on Dead Broke. Formed in Massachusetts in 1982, this alt/punk trio were quite the force in the 80's Boston underground, releasing four full-lengths on the classic TAANG! Records. Fast forward to 2018, main singer / songwriter / guitarist Kenny Chambers reforms the band for a Euro tour with drummer Emilien Catalano (The Nils) & bassist Yves Thibault. Next comes, "Wires": A milestone in their history indeed, the targets are back & sounding fresher than ever, but just the way you would want them to. Unbelievably great return that all fans will cherish. Not many bands can pull it off, but the targets do it with excellence. (Comes w/ download code) 200 Black vinyl, 100 Bright Yellow vinyl.

ON THE MIGHT OF PRINCES- "Where You Are And Where You Want To Be" LP
Ahead of it's 20th anniversary, Dead Broke Rekerds is proud to reissue a completely new remastered deluxe edition of Long Island's quintessential emo/punk album by On The Might Of Princes, "Where You Are And Where You Want To Be" LP. 2020 Remaster by Carl Saff. Deluxe edition vinyl/download includes 6 bonus tracks, 3 of which have never been released until now. (Original release 2001 Creep Records & Traffic Violation Records) Vinyl housed in beautiful matte jackets w/ brown paper sleeves. Artwork by Hugo Fitz. (Comes w/download code) 2nd pressing on 180-gram vinyl!

Hot damn! The punk split of the year is here! San Francisco, CA. legends the FLESHIES team up with fellow punk vets from Brooklyn, NY (via San Francisco!) SHELLSHAG for a split of epic proportions! FLESHIES return with a previously unreleased B-side, "Black Hole", their best in years, as well as an album track from their most recent album ("Introducing.."). SHELLSHAG toss in 2 new previously unreleased songs of chaotic punk madness into the ring, one from each of the duo. 115 Pink vinyl, 255 Black vinyl. 

LAIKA'S ORBIT- "Chosen No Ones" LP
Infectious & brilliant western Massassachusetts power-pop bands' sophomore album, "Chosen No Ones" & their newest material since 2016 debut album, "No Matter What It Takes". One of our favorite albums of the year and an instant goddamn classic. 200 Black vinyl, 100 Clear Vinyl. (Comes w/download code)

PORCUPINE- "Carrier Wave" LP
Porcupine's 2015, "Carrier Wave" EP release reissued on vinyl with 2 unearthed bonus tracks! EP Recorded by Steve Albini (Big Black/Shellac) at Electrical Audio + now Remastered by Greg Reierson. This exceptional batch of indie pop/rock gems finally see a vinyl release! 200 on Black, 100 on Opaque Red vinyl. (Comes w/ download code)

SNUGGLE!- "Holiday Heart" 12"EP
Snuggle! is Seattle, Washington's own crusty pop-punx that have been chugging along since sometime around 2005. Members have also played in SKARP, as well as Dead Broke's own, Murmurs. A long time in the making, we are stoked as fuck to be bringing you Snuggle's newest 5 song EP (and their first proper release since 2009's, "Zero Real Hearts" on 1234-Go! Records) A few new songs, a few songs from split 7"s (Bent Outta Shape split) redone & kicked up a notch, this is a timeless cult classic in the world of rough pop-punk. 200 on Black, 100 on Lime-Green vinyl. (Comes w/download code)


Rough Chicago pop punk feat. members of Canadian Rifle & Fuck You, Idiot!
And they fucking rule. So listen up, OK punk?! Limited to 100 pressed on White Cassettes.

RIVERS EDGE- "The Runaround" TAPE
Chattanooga, TN. is home to some of the finest punk bands in America, and the new RIVERS EDGE album is here to prove it once again. Members of Basement Benders, Future Virgins, This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb, ADD/C & so many are back with their newest & third batch of songs, "The Run Around". Split release w/ Let's Pretend Records. 2nd pressing. Limited to 100.

MARTHA- "Courting Strong" TAPE
Debut LP from this four piece pop-punk from Pity Me, Durham, UK that draws from power-pop, old Motown and jangly guitar work to create a really energetic catchy record without being saccharine sweet. Limited to 100 pressed on White Cassettes. This album is just mint m8.

Samiam's latest & eighth studio album pressed on a high-quality limited White Cassette tape.
Originally released by Hopeless Records in 2011. Limited to 150 copies.


Samiam's fourth studio album "Clumsy" pressed on a high-quality limited Clear Cassette tape in Europe from Brassneck Records. Originally released by Atlantic Records in 1994. Limited to 150 copies. (Distributed by Dead Broke in U.S.) UK Import!

Coming Soon & later on, whenever...

  • MOVING TARGETS- "Humbucker" LP (new album)
  • WITCHES WITH DICKS- "Straight To Hell" 7" EP
  • Dead Broke Short-run Tape Series 5: [Radar, Deep Trench, Velvet Horns]
  • MIXED SIGNALS- "So Far Gone" TAPE (ex- Hidden Spots)
  • SOMERSET THROWER- "Paint My Memory" LP
  • DEAD BROKE #200 Tribute Compilation 12" LP

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