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Updated: 12.13.18

    ALL Blue PORCUPINE 12" Preorders have shipped!
    Black vinyl is continuing to SHIP THIS WEEK! Sit tight. It's so good.

    IRON CHIC / TOYS THAT KILL- COLOR VINYL LPPreorders are still delayed! We apologize as there was an issue at the plant beyond our control. ***UPDATE***: Black Vinyl is continuing to SHIP NOW! You will receive a confirmation email when your order ships. Color still delayed, hope to be shipping these NEXT WEEK! Sorry, we're trying.

    RADON- "More Of Their Lies" Preorders will begin shipping NEXT WEEK!Thanks!
    [All are available now on all streaming & digital services: Spotify, Apple, Bandcamp+]
  • IRON CHIC / TOYS THAT KILL- Split 12" LP PREORDER from us & Recess now:
    Black vinyl still available in DISTROor from: Recess Records
  • RADON- "More Of Their Lies" LP AVAILABLE NOW now in DISTRO
    Vinyl available from us or Creep Records, Radon's 4th & newest album on vinyl!
  • PORCUPINE- "What You've Heard Isn't Real" 12" Vinyl is AVAILABLE NOW in DISTRO- (Album stream up at: New Noise Magazine) The Minneapolis based, indie-rock trio features legendary bassist, Greg Norton of Hüsker Dü. Listen up:
  • New DEAD BROKE T-SHIRTS in our distro store! 
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  • SOMERSET THROWER- "Godspeed" LP is OUT NOW!!!Stream it now wherever you may stream. Out now on all platforms.  Vinyl LP available in distro store!
    (Check out the interview on Punknews)
  • GIANT PEACH video premiere at S.T.G.A! "But You Made Me Such A Beautiful Thing" LP Out Now! Limited "Ocean Blue" vinyl still available in distro store!

    ["Flowers In The Road" music video @ BrooklynVegan]
    ["Vertigo" music video @ Post Trash]
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  • FIFTEEN- "The Choice Of A New Generation" Reissue OUT NOW! Limited "Metallic SILVER" Vinyl LP Still Available! (Out now on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp+)
  • FIFTEEN- S/T 7"EP + "Swains First Bike" LP Limited Color Vinyl still available! Both out now on all digital sites: Itunes, Spotify, Bandcamp+ (Grab a Splatter LP, almost gone!)
  • REST IN PEACE ROBERT MCALLISTER of Iron Chic/Capital (1980 - 2016) <3
    Please help: Mcallister Family Memorial Fund. Share the link & donate if you can too. We will forever be donating all sales made from The Reformation (Rob's old band) album.


Sophomore album from Chattanooga, TN punk region rock band featuring members of Future Virgins, This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb, Hidden Spots, Jack Palance Band, Black Rainbow & more. Follow up to their "Lydiad" LP in 2015 on No Idea, and the bands' best stuff to date. Scrappy yet melodically beautiful pop-punk, churning with honest anthems from DIY veteran punkers. Recorded by Jerri Queen & John Hoffman of VACATION. (LP Comes w/ Download) 400 Black vinyl, 100 Banana Yellow vinyl. 

The Parasites return with their first split 7" since their split with Boris The Sprinkler more than 20 years ago. Out of all of the bands that were made popular by the 1990's pop punk insurgance, none were as underrated as The Parasites. Undeniable melodys and hooks, along with Dave Parasites unique and sincere voice made The Parasites one of the most influential punk bands of the 1990's. Their influence has never been stronger than on the two new tracks recorded for this record. Raging Nathans have proven themselves to be a reckoning force within the DIY punk rock scene, record after record. The record fills a gap that has been missing for quite sometime in punk rock music. With leads for days, chunky rhythms & honest lyrics, the Nathans once again push themselves ahead of the rest of the pack on this 7". Split release w/ Rad Girlfriend. (Comes w/ download) 

Long Island’s Somerset Thrower are returning this year with a new album, Godspeed, on August 24 via Dead Broke Rekerds. They’ve got a sound that’s got one foot in Jawbreaker/Sunny Day Real Estate-style emo and another in Gin Blossoms-y alt-rock, and though they aren’t the first modern-day band to bring those two sides of the ’90s together, they do it in a way that feels fresh and vital. Their songs really rip, and they really reach that cathartic climax that music like this is supposed to reach..” - BrooklynVegan

GIANT PEACH- "But You Made Me Such A Beautiful Thing" LP
Brooklyn, NY (by way of Long Island) shoegaze indie/rock/grunge/pop band's finest work yet. Follow-up to their last album, "Tarantula" on Don Giovanni Records. New York's Giant Peach are set to release their sophomore album... while their previous work opted for an indie punk sound, their latest album offers a scenic approach to their sonic splendor, open and sprawling over the course of a warm and meditative hour. There's a ton of detail and nuance, with the band exploring their surroundings and using the studio to push new territory previously unexplored. Limited "Ocean Blue" vinyl available! (*Digital download includes 2 exclusive bonus tracks!)

The third and final Heavy Pockets LP. Amazing indie/pop rock & punk from NH. going out with a bang. Their best batch of songs to date. The band is calling it quits, but we just had to get in on this release. Limited to 200 copies. Hand glued jackets and a 16 page zine written by Shayla. LP comes w/ download code. Pay-what-you-want download here:

BEDFORD FALLS- "Send More Bees" LP
Bedford Falls are back with third album "Send More Bees", follow up to 2012's "Elegant Balloons". This new album sees the band capture the power & grit of their live show more than their previous recording outings, and sounds like the crashing of (fuzzy) guitar driven indie punk rock. This is the Welsh take on that Dinosaur Jr/Husker Du/Superchunk/Moving Targets/Superchunk sound, with a healthy nod to Big Star- but in a sea of very ordinary bands attempting this genre, BF absolutely nail it. More than worth the six year wait! (Co-release w/ Boss Tuneage & Brassneck Records) Digital release: 3/30.

FIFTEEN- "The Choice Of A New Generation" Reissue LP/CD/TAPE

Definitive reissue by Berkeley, California-based punk band, FIFTEEN. From the ashes of east bay legends, Crimpshrine, came Fifteen. In summer of 1992, the band toured the US & Canada, and recorded their second album, "The Choice of A New Generation". Originally released on CD/LP in 1992 on Lookout! Records. Gloriously restored & remastered from the original reel-to-reel master tapes by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering. Featuring cover art in full color for the very first time.

CANADIAN RIFLE- "Peaceful Death" LP
Chicago greats Canadian Rifle are back with their 3rd full-length album. Since 2006 these punk vets have been blasting out their blend of rough & ear-splitting melodic punk rock that is unmatched. Definitely contender for record of the year. In a world of indie grunge posers, Canadian Rifle are back again to show you midwestern punk rock is still alive & well. Members of Ambition Mission, Fourth Rotor, Sorespot & more. (Comes w/ download) 500 pressed. First 100 on Limited Magenta vinyl.

FIFTEEN- "Swain's First Bike Ride" LP/CD/Cass + S/T 7" EP

Definitive reissue by Berkeley, California-based punk band, FIFTEEN. From the ashes of east bay legends, Crimpshrine, came Fifteen. "Swain's First Bike Ride" is their first full-length album, recorded in December 1990. Originally released on 12" vinyl in 1991 on Lookout! Records. CD edition contains the band's self-titled EP from the previous year as bonus tracks, just like the Lookout original disc, which was released a year later in 1992. Gloriously restored & remastered from the original reel-to-reel master tapes by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering. (Fifteen- S/T 7" EP Reissue Also Available!)


RVIVR- S/T (Remaster) TAPE
RVIVR's first full-length album, Remastered by Carl Saff, pressed on a high-quality Cassette tape. Limited to 150 White Tapes. (Includes download code) If you don't know this album by now, I feel bad for you. Quintessential melodic pop-punk, a true classic.

RVIVR- "The Joester Sessions Collection (08-11)" TAPE
RVIVR's first collection of 7"s, EPs & B-Sides, Remastered by Carl Saff, pressed on a high-quality Cassette tape. Limited to 150 Clear Tapes w/ Gold Ink! (Includes download code) Some of their best fucking songs are on this shit. All the RVIVR recordings by the Joester since 2008: Life Moves 7"EP, "Derailer" Benefit 7", Dirty Water 12"EP + a new unreleased track (2011).

IRON CHIC- "You Can't Stay Here" TAPE
Cassette Tape version of the new IRON CHIC album, "You Can't Stay Here" (Co-released w/ Side One Dummy Records) Limited pressing of 350 copies & we only have half. Blacked-out Tapes w/ Gold ink! These look sweet while the sound of this album on tape compliments it well. Hear ye, hear ye. Chic is back.

Dead Broke Short-run Tape Series 4:

Five new songs from Brooklyn's newest pop-punk outfit, one might even say "supergroup". Keyboard driven pop-punk melodies fronted by the lovely Marisa Bergquist (Chandeli'ers, Besties), backed up by Jeff Cunningham on guitar (Bride & Tunnel), Robbie Swartwood on bass (Off With Their Heads) and Pat Schramm on drums (Latterman, Young Ladies, Tender Defender+). Recorded by our very own Phil Dougbagg of Chic. Why are you still reading this? Go get it. Digital available on Spotify, Apple & all services. (Tape includes download code) First press limited to 30 copies on Silver Cassettes.

The last remaining Awful Man (ex-Witches With Dicks) songs finally see a release! These punk gems were supposed to be on a split 12" with another rad Boston band, Ex-Planets. Well, both bands broke up after a long time of procrastinating the release, so we canned it. Now they're finally out, splitting a side of a tape with essentially the same band, Life Hacks. Which is the new band from the Awful Man/WWD camp that probably broke up before I even put this up. But they rule & these songs are what you'd expect, only a little slower & more melodic, like old Clash or Oi! stuff. Digital available on bandcamp. (Tape includes download code) First press limited to 30 copies on Black/White split Cassettes.

Two of Long Island's best bands bring two new songs each for this dope split. This was supposed to be 7" vinyl, but again- it got canned & became this short-run tape. Somerset Thrower throw down 2 of their best tracks, leading up to their "Godspeed" LP coming on Dead Broke this Summer. Members of: Agent, Polygon, Halfway to Hell Club playing 90's style alt-punk/indie jams. MOUTH are back with two skull-shattering sludged out tunes to melt yer goddamn ears off. Including members of Sister Kisser, Sainthood Reps & Fellow Project. Digital available on bandcamp. (Tape includes download code)
First press limited to 30 copies on Orange Cassettes.


Coming Soon & later on from Dead Broke:

  • HIDDEN SPOTS- "New Me/New You" LP

  • SAMIAM- "Trips" TAPE

  • MARTHA- "Courting Strong" + "Blisters In The Pit" TAPES

  • SPIT-TAKE- "Falling Star" LP

  • SNUGGLE- "Holiday Heart" 12"EP

  • DOC HOPPER- "Something Old..." Collection TAPE

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