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Updated: 5/16/18

  • Brooklyn, NY (by way of Long Island) shoegaze indie/rock/grunge/pop band GIANT PEACH's finest work yet. "New York's Giant Peach are set to release their sophomore album, But You Made Me Such A Beautiful Thing on June 1, 2018. While their previous work opted for an indie punk sound, their latest album offers a scenic approach to their sonic splendor, open and sprawling over the course of a warm and meditative hour. There's a ton of detail and nuance, with the band exploring their surroundings and using the studio to push new territory previously unexplored."
    Check out video for "Vertigo" below or @ Post Trash
    Listen to "In The Cool Evening" @ New Noise Magazine
    PREORDER NOW in DISTRO: (*Shipping on or around release date) 200 on Black vinyl, 100 on "Ocean Blue" vinyl. Comes w/ download. Includes full-color poster insert.

  • Official FIFTEEN T-SHIRTS are up for sale in the store separately finally! You asked, we delivered... so get 'em now @ DISTRO (Also check out ALL Hoodies & Shirts prices slashed down to make room for new stuff! So grab some cheap, *especially if your S or XL/XXL!)

  • HEAVY POCKETS- "Pure Evil" LP up for PREODER now @ DISTRO- Third & final LP from NH. trio, amazing indie/pop rock/punk going out with a bang. Their best batch of songs to date. Limited to 200 copies! (Split release w/ Cat Dead, Details Later) Cassette tape coming soon. Digital out now on Spotify, Apple+ / Pay-what-you-want download!:
  • GIANT PEACH- "But You Made Me Such A Beautiful Thing" - Song Premiere for "In The Cool Evening" On New Noise Magazine! Listen on bandcamp:
    Jon Creeden has been operating as a solo act since 2007, traveling and performing across North America/Europe. His anxious, powerful & rough acoustic songs come to life as genuinely solid & honest punk anthems, as a full band. Pay-what-you-want dl:

    (Available on Blue or Blue/White Mixed Color vinyl in DISTRO)
    Check out "Nailbiter" video:

    RVIVR- S/T (Remaster) TAPE
    RVIVR- "Joester Sessions" TAPE

    Each limited to 150 & come w/ download code!
  • BEDFORD FALLS- "Send More Bees” LP OUT NOW! New album from this long-standing UK indie/pop rock outfit. Get it now on Mixed Color vinyl!
  • FIFTEEN- "The Choice Of A New Generation" Reissue OUT NOW in DISTRO- Limited Color Vinyl LPs, CDs, TAPES, Bundle Packages including SHIRTS!  (Out now on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, etc.)
    Check out the Limited to 100 Clear w/ Red, White & Blue Splatter!!!
  • 30 songs of punk wonder! Check out our new Pay-what-you-want 2017 (and '16) sampler!
    Throw a few bucks in for tons more cool stuff coming in 2018:

  • CANADIAN RIFLE- "Peaceful Death" LP is OUT NOW!!! Limited to 100 Magenta vinyl still available, but not for long! Grab one..
  • SOMERSET THROWER / MOUTH Split Digital EP Out Now! Killer new EP from two of Long Island's best. Short-run Cassette Tape coming soon in Series 4:

  • HEADLINES- "MMVXII" EP - Out now on Spotify, Apple, etc.+ New NYC band from members of Chandeli'ers, Off With Their Heads, Young Ladies. Short-run Cassette Tape coming soon in Series 4:

    Check out a new EIGHT music video on WXPN + Video for "839" on BrooklynVegan
  • FIFTEEN- S/T 7"EP + "Swains First Bike" LP Limited Color Vinyl still available! Both out now on all digital sites: Itunes, Spotify, Bandcamp+ (Grab a Splatter LP, almost gone!)
  • REST IN PEACE ROBERT MCALLISTER of Iron Chic/Capital (1980 - 2016) <3
    Please help: Mcallister Family Memorial Fund. Share the link & donate if you can too. We will forever be donating all sales made from The Reformation (Rob's old band) album.
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BEDFORD FALLS- "Send More Bees" LP
Bedford Falls are back with third album "Send More Bees", follow up to 2012's "Elegant Balloons". This new album sees the band capture the power & grit of their live show more than their previous recording outings, and sounds like the crashing of (fuzzy) guitar driven indie punk rock. This is the Welsh take on that Dinosaur Jr/Husker Du/Superchunk/Moving Targets/Superchunk sound, with a healthy nod to Big Star- but in a sea of very ordinary bands attempting this genre, BF absolutely nail it. More than worth the six year wait! (Co-release w/ Boss Tuneage & Brassneck Records) Digital release: 3/30.

FIFTEEN- "The Choice Of A New Generation" Reissue LP/CD/TAPE

Definitive reissue by Berkeley, California-based punk band, FIFTEEN. From the ashes of east bay legends, Crimpshrine, came Fifteen. In summer of 1992, the band toured the US & Canada, and recorded their second album, "The Choice of A New Generation". Originally released on CD/LP in 1992 on Lookout! Records. Gloriously restored & remastered from the original reel-to-reel master tapes by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering. Featuring cover art in full color for the very first time.

CANADIAN RIFLE- "Peaceful Death" LP
Chicago greats Canadian Rifle are back with their 3rd full-length album. Since 2006 these punk vets have been blasting out their blend of rough & ear-splitting melodic punk rock that is unmatched. Definitely contender for record of the year. In a world of indie grunge posers, Canadian Rifle are back again to show you midwestern punk rock is still alive & well. Members of Ambition Mission, Fourth Rotor, Sorespot & more. (Comes w/ download) 500 pressed. First 100 on Limited Magenta vinyl.

New 3-piece indie band from Philadelphia, PA. consisting of Mimi Gallagher (NONA & Year of Glad), Cat Park (Amanda X) & Pat Brier (Queen Jesus, Three Man Cannon). Dreamy, melodic and grungey indie pop-punk. Your new favorite band. They sure are ours. Limited press of 300. (200 Black, 100 Teal vinyl.)


Four new songs from Brooklyn's pop-punk super?group. Ex-members of Monikers, Discount, Latterman & more. Swingin' & melodic pop-punk with a classic old-school rock and roll vibe. Poppy and good as hell. Artwork by SUPERJAIL! creator Christy Karacas! Limited press of 300 on Black vinyl.

FIFTEEN- "Swain's First Bike Ride" LP/CD/Cass

Definitive reissue by Berkeley, California-based punk band, FIFTEEN. From the ashes of east bay legends, Crimpshrine, came Fifteen. "Swain's First Bike Ride" is their first full-length album, recorded in December 1990. Originally released on 12" vinyl in 1991 on Lookout! Records. CD edition contains the band's self-titled EP from the previous year as bonus tracks, just like the Lookout original disc, which was released a year later in 1992. Gloriously restored & remastered from the original reel-to-reel master tapes by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering.

Definitive reissue by Berkeley, California-based punk band, FIFTEEN. From the ashes of east bay legends, Crimpshrine, came Fifteen. Fifteen embarked on their first tour in the summer of 1989, and recorded their debut EP in April 1990 for Lookout! Records. Gloriously restored & remastered from the original reel-to-reel master tapes by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering.

GREENSLEEP- "Cheap Headphones" LP
New York's 90's indie/punk vets, Greensleep are back after a quick 18 year break. The band has quite the interesting story, being a long island indie/punk staple in the 90's, with releases on Alone Records, as well as Long Island's Motherbox Records. Since breaking & recently reuniting, they have delivered a slew of new songs with their "Summer Single Series" & "Things We Didnt Know EP", with new member Scott Martin (of Silent Majority/Mind Over Matter). Self-described as "barrel aged indie rock", Greensleep are back with their second full-length album of all brand new material, show-casing that some good things get even better.

RVIVR- "The Tide/Shaggy" 7"
Originally released overseas early 2017 to conincide with an Australian tour, this is a 7 inch single of two brand new songs from Olympia, WA.'s, RVIVR. "There's a new full length on the horizon... and these songs are about a lot of loss, love and voice." One of these songs is about one our dear friends, the late great Barker Gee ("Shaggy"). RIP. 1st pressing of 500 SOLD OUT. Download:


RVIVR- S/T (Remaster) TAPE
RVIVR's first full-length album, Remastered by Carl Saff, pressed on a high-quality Cassette tape. Limited to 150 White Tapes. (Includes download code) If you don't know this album by now, I feel bad for you. Quintessential melodic pop-punk, a true classic.

RVIVR- "The Joester Sessions Collection (08-11)" TAPE
RVIVR's first collection of 7"s, EPs & B-Sides, Remastered by Carl Saff, pressed on a high-quality Cassette tape. Limited to 150 Clear Tapes w/ Gold Ink! (Includes download code) Some of their best fucking songs are on this shit. All the RVIVR recordings by the Joester since 2008: Life Moves 7"EP, "Derailer" Benefit 7", Dirty Water 12"EP + a new unreleased track (2011).

IRON CHIC- "You Can't Stay Here" TAPE
Cassette Tape version of the new IRON CHIC album, "You Can't Stay Here" (Co-released w/ Side One Dummy Records) Limited pressing of 350 copies & we only have half. Blacked-out Tapes w/ Gold ink! These look sweet while the sound of this album on tape compliments it well. Hear ye, hear ye. Chic is back.

PIZZASAURUS REX- "Traveling Today On Yesterday's Maps" TAPE
We're pleased to present this co-release between Black Site, Long Island's Dead Broke Rekerd's, and the Barker Gee Memorial Scholarship. Originally released by the band in 2006, this critically acclaimed slab of rock n roll represents Pizzasaurus Rex's complete catalog. All proceeds from the sale of this cassette will be used to assist other DIY minded bands in the pursuit of their craft. 100 on Yellow Pressed Cassette Tapes.

SAMIAM- "You Are Freaking Me Out" TAPE
Samiam's fifth studio album and their classic, "You Are Freaking Me Out" (1997) pressed on a high-quality limited White Cassette tape. One of our favorite albums of all-time. Wow! 1st press limited to 150 copies.

SAMIAM- "Whatever's Got You Down" TAPE
Samiam's seventh studio album "Whatever's Got You Down" (2013 Remix) pressed on a high-quality limited White Cassette tape. Originally released by Hopeless Records in 2006, now Remixed by Jeff Dean (The Bomb) & Remastered by Jon Drew at Infinite Wavelength. 1st press limited to 150 copies.

Coming Soon & later on from Dead Broke:

  • GIANT PEACH- "But You Made Me Such A Beautiful Thing" LP

  • BASEMENT BENDERS- "Shrapnel Songs" LP

  • SAMIAM- "Trips" TAPE

  • MARTHA- "Courting Strong" + "Blisters In The Pit.." TAPES


  • HIDDEN SPOTS- "New Me/New You" LP

  • SNUGGLE- "Holiday Heart" 12"EP

  • DOC HOPPER- "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blew..." Collection TAPE

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